20 Would You Rather Questions I Asked My Girlfriend.

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So, today, I decided to try a game of would you rather with my girlfriend.

For those of you, who don’t have a clue about what would you rather is, here is a small description. Would you rather is a conversation game, where the players ask each other a question that starts with “Would you rather.” The players offer two bad choices, which you will likely have a hard time to chose. Like for say, would you rather eat soft sex every week or have hard one every month? See, where it’s going? It’s definitely hard to make the choice.

Anyway, without further ado, let me just dive into the questions I asked my girlfriend.

Here we go with the list of would you rather I asked my girlfriend.

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  1. Would you rather have aids or make love with the same gender?
  2. Would you rather be completely hairless or be completely covered in hair?
  3. Would you rather be caught in an act by the cop or your parents?
  4. Would you rather accidentally send a dirty text to your boss or your mom?
  5. Would you rather give birth pain-free through your mouth or painfully through your V?
  6. Would you rather be on a beach or a jacuzzi?
  7. Would you rather give a hickey or have a hickey?
  8. Would you rather you rather get a massage with peanut butter or syrup?
  9. Would you rather walk in on your best friend naked or let your best friend walk in while you are naked.
  10. Would you rather be in jail for 3 years or not talk to me for 2 years?
  11. Would you rather lose everything you have or lose me?
  12. Would you rather cheat on me for five hundred million dollars or drink my diarrhea?
  13. Would you rather date me with no arm or no legs?
  14. Would you rather kill a german shepherd or kill me?
  15. Would you rather eat me to survive or let me eat you to survive?
  16. Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your SO cheating?
  17. Would you rather swim in a pool full of white sharks, or fall out of a jet on legos?
  18. Would you rather die drowning or falling off a building?
  19. Would you rather punch his sister or punch his boyfriend?
  20. Would you rather be half your height or triple your weight?

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