20 Would You Rather Questions I Asked My Girlfriend.

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So, today, I decided to try a game of would you rather with my girlfriend.

For those of you, who don’t have a clue about what would you rather is, here is a small description. Would you rather is a conversation game, where the players ask each other a question that starts with “Would you rather.” The players offer two bad choices, which you will likely have a hard time to chose. Like for say, would you rather eat soft sex every week or have hard one every month? See, where it’s going? It’s definitely hard to make the choice.

Anyway, without further ado, let me just dive into the questions I asked my girlfriend.

Here we go with the list of would you rather I asked my girlfriend.

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  1. Would you rather have aids or make love with the same gender?
  2. Would you rather be completely hairless or be completely covered in hair?
  3. Would you rather be caught in an act by the cop or your parents?
  4. Would you rather accidentally send a dirty text to your boss or your mom?
  5. Would you rather give birth pain-free through your mouth or painfully through your V?
  6. Would you rather be on a beach or a jacuzzi?
  7. Would you rather give a hickey or have a hickey?
  8. Would you rather you rather get a massage with peanut butter or syrup?
  9. Would you rather walk in on your best friend naked or let your best friend walk in while you are naked.
  10. Would you rather be in jail for 3 years or not talk to me for 2 years?
  11. Would you rather lose everything you have or lose me?
  12. Would you rather cheat on me for five hundred million dollars or drink my diarrhea?
  13. Would you rather date me with no arm or no legs?
  14. Would you rather kill a german shepherd or kill me?
  15. Would you rather eat me to survive or let me eat you to survive?
  16. Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your SO cheating?
  17. Would you rather swim in a pool full of white sharks, or fall out of a jet on legos?
  18. Would you rather die drowning or falling off a building?
  19. Would you rather punch his sister or punch his boyfriend?
  20. Would you rather be half your height or triple your weight?

Philosophy on Modern Love

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One late night, after speaking to my current lover who is stationed in Iraq, I began to contemplate what it means to be in love. This is what resulted: what I feel to be a realistic question and possible answers. Of course, you must remember that these are merely my opinions, and I would be glad to take comments and incorporate them into another section of ramblings.

And how is a friend different than a lover? Exactly what makes a lover better or more important than a friend that we are so picky about whom we choose to be in love? Or is it the other way around, and friends are more important because we will accept anyone as a friend and we will keep that person. I stand steadfastly to the concept of unconditional love and forgiveness in friendship. Once you come to understand a friend, you can see how they are acting, and it may be annoying, but it can also be ignored because there should be more positive than negative. They are allowed to be themselves.

When making friends with a person, how much do you really limit? There is no website that tries to match a person on 29 dimensions of friendship. Most friends are made unintentionally: at school, near house or apartment, in a grocery store. And there are even “one night stands” when it comes to friends. Consider the customers in line at the bank who strike up a conversation because this person appears to be nice enough. They may never see that person again, but is not their life just a little better because that one day they were able to have a conversation with a stranger and confirm that all people aren’t assholes? And we are happy when we have friends. Many people are more content to be with friends than in a relationship. Many people see relationships as different than friendship.

That is because we expect from our lover what we would never expect from a friend. No one is angry with a friend if that friend doesn’t like the same bands, or TV, or hobbies, or food. No one is angry with a friend if the offer to be invited over has been declined because of too busy a schedule. No one is angry with a friend if there has been no verbal or physical contact over a long period of time. And yet with friends, there is an obligation to listen and to talk. There are comfort and advice.

Somewhere along the line, we separated our priorities and learned to judge openly who we want to date. There is so much close-mindedness. How can a person be friends with an Arab, but vow to never date a black woman? How can someone dismiss completely the possibility of being homosexual or bisexual, but have friends of both genders and be equally as close to a woman as men? How can a person be friends with someone of an entirely different temperament than themselves, but then meet a potential date who doesn’t like rock climbing as much as they do and totally disregard them?

It is not that friends and lovers are the same people. A person once said to me “A hug is not longer just a hug. It’s a hug”, and so I can guess that it is pretty universal that every little action and word is changed when that friend or stranger becomes a lover. It’s not sex. You can have sex with a friend, and it stays nothing more than that.

Why can we not look at a lover as we look at our friends: openly, unconditionally, and with forgiveness in our hearts?

Beware of Online Dating


After not dating for a while, I decided to embark on the wave of online dating that I have been reading about. I decided to join an online community to match me with someone comparable to me. I completed my profile, and as soon as my profile was accepted, I began receiving emails from men interested in talking with me.
I have to say I had my reservations of meeting men this way, but my lifestyle (being a single mom) makes it hard to meet eligible men anywhere other than the ballpark. I was able to check the profiles of the men who emailed me before I responded if I decided to. I emailed a few people back but quickly decided their interest and/or lifestyles were not what I was looking for.

Then the first night after I was a member, I received an email from a man, which simply say “Hi.” I checked out his profile, and it interested me. I emailed him back and said “hi. ” From there we went back and forth for three hours.

He did not have a picture on his profile, so I asked him to send me on. He did, and I was able to see what he looked like. He was attractive. He indicated on his profile that he was a divorced single dad to three children and was in the military.

When we finally did speak on the phone, I was extremely attracted to him. I am not sure if it is the concept of “being swept off my feet,” even though that I not what I am looking for. Our conversations were so intense. We talked about the cheating in our past. Mine was with my father and an ex-boyfriend, he was from his ex-wife. We both seemed to have trust issues.

I guess my first red flag should have been that he was leaving in a few months to go overseas. This actually turned out to be true, but regardless, I should have known better than to start a relationship with a man who was leaving in four months.

We both decided not to meet each other’s kids. It was at my urging that we do not involve the kids, as his children had enough to deal with do to the emotional stress of having their sole provider leaving to go fight a war that he might not return I felt that his children did not need the added stress of meeting dad’s new girlfriend.

When we were together, we had a wonderful time. When we were apart, we talked and texted constantly. My friends liked him. My family liked him. I broke down and let my child meet him. He seemed like Mr. Wonderful. It seemed too good to be true. He said all the right things. He did all the right things. He was sweet, caring and loving.

About two months into our relationship he would disappear for a few days at a time. I would call and text him, to no avail. When he would call me, he would explain that he was busy with work- military work- and could not contact me. Said it was assignments that needed his immediate attention and he did not have time to contact me to let me know he was going to be out of touch for a few days.

When he realizes how upset I got over this, he turned it around on me. He would say “if you can’t deal with me being out of touch for a few days, how are you going to deal with me being overseas”.”Clearly I saw the difference, but he did not. This was his way of justifying him being out of touch for days at a time.

Something didn’t make sense to me. He had this elaborate story about how his wife cheated on him with a few of their friends. How he took her to court and gained full custody of his children, since she was “an unfit mother”. I decided to go to the local courthouse and check out his divorce record. Maybe some of my fears would be put to rest and my uneasiness would be unfounded. You can guess the next part of this story. I went to the courthouse and was unable to find anything regarding any divorce. In fact, the only thing I was able to find was the mortgage record, in his name, along with his wife.

I felt so betrayed. Here I had trusted this man. We discussed the pitfalls of the effects of being cheated on. However, this man added to my mistrust and added to my insecurities of men.

Once I realized what was going on, I ceased all contact with him. He contacted me for about 5 weeks afterwards, asking what happened. I finally asked him to stop contacting me.

He figured out I knew. The day after asking him to stop calling me, he changed his profile to show “currently separated” instead of “divorced”. I guess he felt justified if his wife found out. Like there is something okay with looking online if you are married. And you only say “separated”, not “divorced”. Who knows, perhaps he does this often. Perhaps his wife knows. Perhaps she chooses to stay with him because it is easier. In any event, I will never knowingly be a third party in a marriage.

I do not know if I will ever go back to online dating, but I can tell you, if I decide to, I will be checking out their “story” from the first email. It is a shame, but this married guy ruined it for all other men who may contact me. Guilt until proven innocent. It is unfortunate, but in order to protect myself, they have to prove that they are being honest and truthful.

Cougar Dating – How to Attract Younger Men


I was walking down the street doing a little window shopping with my fiancée and saw a little sign in one of the shop windows that said “Have the Cabana where’s the Boy”? My fiancée and I had to laugh because he knows of my adventures as a cougar. They were fun and helped get me back into the swing of being single after a very painful divorce at 40 something. I’ve discovered a few tips along the way and some ins and outs of what its like to date a younger man and how to attract them.
1. Look your best. Let’s face it, not everyone looks like Demi Moore or Cher – famous Cougars. And not everyone can afford plastic surgery. The good news is that you don’t have to. Just make the most of what you have. Dress fashionably, paint your toenails and fingernails, wear nice jewelry, color and style your hair in the latest fashion, and wear fashionable clothes. In other words, take care of yourself.

2. Feel good about who you are. I went back to college after I got divorced at 42. Going back to college really made me feel good about myself. I discovered talents I didn’t know existed. I met new people and made some new friends. I also studied a lot and made good grades. Studying and attending classes made me feel good and gave me a sense of accomplishment.

3. Have your own life and stay busy. Having girlfriends kept me busy and gave me something to do. I also joined a support network group and we did things together. I invited people over to my house for cook-outs and movie nights. I also went to lots of college football games.

4. Don’t look for a young guy to be able to take care of you or pay for everything. Most young guys don’t make a lot of money, may be in school or newly establishing a career. But don’t pay for everything. Expect him to take you out occasionally, and go “dutch” sometimes. I’ve gone to some fun places that were either free or very inexpensive. Some of the things we did were canoeing, kayaking, swimming in lakes and cold water springs, and camping.

5. Don’t be afraid to do things because you’re “too old.” One summer when I was dating a particular guy, we went to a State park with cold water springs and a boat tour. While there my boyfriend asked to dive off a high dive with him. It didn’t occur to me to think I was too old for it. We jumped off the high dive together and it was very exuberating at almost 50 years old to splash so hard into the water with him.

6. Have some younger friends. I lived in a college town for a few years so it was easy to meet younger people. My neighbors were much younger and had a lot of parties they invited me to. I occasionally accepted and also invited them to my place for dinner. We also had cook-outs together. In the process of all of that fun stuff, of course I met lots of younger guys.

Dating someone younger can be just as much fun for a woman as it can be for a man. The relationship can be what you want it to be. Many older women and younger men actually do have a relationship with substance and others do not. It really depends on what each person is looking for. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely worth having at least one younger boyfriend in your life. And they’re definitely fun to look at!